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Afternoon tea

February 27, 2014

A few road trip stories at afternoon tea yesterday, highlighted by our 80 year old volunteer’s story of her solo trip across the US in a Kombi. But even that was trumped by Paddy from Oxfam and his drive across Thailand with two baby gibbons loose in the car.

Imagine that


The bus stop

September 24, 2010

At the bus stop on Friday I had an extra cause to smile. There was a young lady singing. Not so much singing to herself quietly, just singing. And not necessarily singing to those around either. Just singing and singing well – and it was a very pleasant Irishy* sounding ballad. When I commented that it was nice to here someone singing in public in such a way, she said she did it because it was a good way to finish the working day. The ballad was a most welcome counter to the drone of the passing traffic. She stopped when she got on the bus – perhaps the singing is reserved for walking along and waiting at the bus stop.

I liked the freedom of it – the thought that we can do things just for joy, not for recognition, or payment, or for attention. And it wasn’t offensive and it didn’t exploit anyone or make someone else feel smaller.

Just joy in a public place, unrestrained.

* I’m not sure ‘Irishy’ is a word, it just came to mind at the time

I wish …

April 9, 2010



I wish more people rode bikes.



This beaut photo was taken by a mate of mine from Sydney called Geoff.